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The Golden Dragon is making good use of operation method to succeed.
As your focus centered on the Asian market now,we will continue production and expanding investment.
Golden Dragon Holdings Corporate Limited
Thank you.
Golden Dragon HCL is making good use of various operational methods to succeed, as a center focused on the Asian market. We hope you, the individual investor, benefit from our services and we look forward to expanding investment and continuing future production, together.

Golden Dragon HCL as an organization, has a production team made up of staff members with very strong backgrounds in the Asian investment markets, and to monitor this sector more closely we have employed a highly talented group of individuals who are able to operate quickly and efficiently and according to variable economics.
Initially, Golden Dragon HCL’s founding members worked with large institutional funds and banks, where it was soon realized these institutions' operational performance is not legitimately distributed to private investors.
Since the Lehman shock, and numerous national debt crises in Europe and Middle East, banks and large institutions have switched to private investors who themselves have faced the loss while also realizing big losses.

Golden Dragon HCL is making good use of operation method to succeed. As your focus centered on the Asian market, We are very happy if the individual investors can benefit from our services.

Current world affairs are being swamped by a huge wave of rapid decision-making and to survive these waves a great deal of support work is necessary.

From the West and Middle East to the Far East (including Shanghai, and Shenzhen China) Golden Dragon HCL, determines favourable investments for business resources and business FUNDs for portfolios of all sizes, within Asia’s growing investment markets.

Many businesses benefit from domestic industry, particularly those that have developed alongside industrialized companies currently in China, due to the overall protection of state capital, private companies, and general consumer rights. A very ambitious balance of growth is expected from this current phase and has become an attractive investment target.

Golden Dragon HCL believes that investment of any real advantage is to lead huge funds to the quality of life, for the individual and society as a whole, by assisting investors we can revitalize the world economy, this is what defines the true investor.
It foreknows. Information is acquired. It performs immediately.

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