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Investment Contents
GD-GLOBAL-GIFT Terms and Conditions

Fund’s Name

Sales Company
Golden Dragon Holdings Corporate Limited

Asset Management Companies
Golden Dragon Holdings Corporate Limited

About Investment Applications
Please apply directly through our website.We need to verify the application form, an identification documents and an investment deposit, in order to complete the registration process. Incomplete submission of documents may take time to review.However we may decline an offer on our company’s discretion.

About Investment Expenditures
Minimum investment amount starting at USD 20,000 with multiples of USD 1,000 units thereafter.

Target Dividend Yields
20% / per year

Dividend Rate
Annual payout limit is fixed regarding on principal.However the dividend rate may vary depending on financial performance.
The dividend rate below;
USD10,000-USD49,000 8% / per year
USD50,000-USD99,000 10% / per year
USD100,000- 12% / per year

About Dividends
Operational period is from 1st of December to 30th of November, yearly and pay out dividends following month in December according to that period.

Terms of Investment Contact
Operational period is 9 years 1 month more and 10 years less, up to 10th times interest payment.

Additional Investment
Once the operation is started, additional investment is not allowed.If you want to increase the investment amount, conclude new contract is required.

We will accept the cancellation by midnight at the British Virgin Islands (BVI) local time, every end of the month. However if you are unable to meet the deadline, the cancellation process will be carried out next month.To complete the process of cancellation, we need to receive cancellation application from, and identity documents (ex; Policy Number receipt and officially issued identification documents) as a termination approval.We cannot accept cancellation less than 6 months after the time we started the operation.Cancellation date is measured from the production date of initial investment.We accept all cancellations only and cannot be accepted if cancelled partly. Once we approved cancellation, the cancellation fee will be paid directly into your registered bank account, on the end of the month after next.Please fill out the cancellation form through our website if you wish to terminate the contract.

Termination Fee
At the time of cancellation, if there is any outstanding interest, will not return.

Base Time
Date of production, reception, such as cancellation, cutoff date and time is based on our location (BVI) standards time.However this may change according to the company's discretion.

Performance Fee
Portfolio manager receives a payout if it is more than the limit as a reward.We do not charge any performance-based fees.

Dividend Date
The dividend will be paid into your account on 1st of December, every year.Depending on the bank or your bank’s location, may take 5 to 10 days before you can receive the dividends.

Payment Method and Commissions
Dividends can be paid directly into a bank account or a securities account of your registration.The applicant is to burden the cost for deposit/transfer.Dividends will be payout from HSBC Bank account in Hong Kong.

Certificate of Deposit
If the application is processed successfully, a receipt will be sent to your registered address in approximately one week.Policy Number is listed on the receipt.Please keep in a safe place. You will need this number if you wish to cancel.
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